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Best Motorcycle Cargo Net (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

Jun 13, 2023Jun 13, 2023

Never worry about carrying extra cargo while riding your motorcycle with these top nets.

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One of the more difficult parts of riding a motorcycle, especially as a daily driver, is the lack of cargo space. Wearing a backpack can be uncomfortable, while saddlebags have limited space and you might not like the look of them. A cargo net for the back of your bike is perfect for a quick run to the store or even holding your helmet when you're parked. This review will tell you what you need to know about the best motorcycle cargo nets on the market.

PowerTye Black Mesh Cargo Net (2 Pack)

PowerTye is one of the most popular cargo net brands, and this product is the best for motorcycles.

SunFounder Cargo Net for Motorcycle and ATV

Sunfounder offers a handy and robust motorcycle cargo net that is also the most affordable option.

CARTMAN Motorcycle Net with Bungee Cord Assortment

This set includes 18 assorted bungee cords, four canopy ties, a motorcycle cargo net, and a carrying case.

PowerTye has been making some of the best vehicle tie-downs since its inception in 1991. It's based in Anaheim, Calif., and a few products in its repertoire include cargo nets, straps, and tie-downs for UTVs, motorcycles, and truck beds. Some of its top products include the PowerTye Black Mesh Cargo Net (2 Pack) and the PowerTye 15" x 30" Cargo Net.

Heininger is a Washington-based manufacturer of travel accessories that was founded in 1998. It makes innovative products aimed at revolutionizing the consumer's travel experience. Some of its products include bike racks, phone holders, cargo nets, and tire covers. It also designs garage and home accessories. If you want to try out one of its products, check out the Heininger Hitchmate 12" x 12" StretchWeb, which is a strong cargo net with hooks.

ABN stands for Auto Body Now and it's a designer of automotive tools, accessories, and car care supplies. It's a family-owned company and most of its operations are from its headquarters in South Dakota. One of its best-rated motorcycle cargo nets with fasteners is the ABN 24" x 45" Cargo Net.

When it comes to the size, you will be faced with the decision of either buying a universal fit or a custom fit for your motorcycle. While most universal cargo nets are stretchable, it's prudent to measure the dimensions of your luggage rack and select a size that's a good fit. Ideally, it shouldn't hang too loose or fit too tight on your motorbike when there's no load.

The benefit of having a net over a rigid carriage unit is that the net can stretch over a wider load of any shape. You may not always have one specific type of cargo that you need to move around, so having a net that doesn't stretch beats the purpose of buying one. Be sure to get a net that can stretch and retract without losing its shape.

Most cargo nets are made from synthetic fabric, often made out of polyester, which is designed for everyday use. Synthetics are durable, stretchable, and tear-resistant. More features can be integrated into the fabric to make it waterproof and UV-resistant. Also, prioritize metal attachment hooks over plastic so long as it's coated to prevent rust and to keep the hooks from scratching your motorbike.

Best Overall

The PowerTye cargo net is square-shaped and measures 15 by 15 inches. It can stretch out evenly to double its size to securely accommodate cargo and can maintain its elasticity for a relatively long time. This is all thanks to a combination of 0.16-inch thick latex and bungee rubber blend for enhanced flexibility, strength, and durability. A tight mesh design with holes measuring 2 by 2 inches helps to keep cargo from falling through the net.

For easy attaching and detaching, it has three hooks on either side made from durable ABS plastic to keep your paint job from getting scratched. The hooks carry PowerTye's patented hook and sub hook design to promote quick tightening. Where this model scores higher is the PowerTye hook guarantee where you get a free hook replacement in case they break during normal use.

Unfortunately, the patented hook design is somewhat unique and may not fit all motorcycle models. Also, despite the hooks being made from heavy-duty plastic, it may still break under the intense strain of a larger than usual load.

Best Value

SunFounder offers a bargain-priced yet heavy-duty bungee cord net made from multi-strand latex. It has an interwoven cross-cord design to create a grid pattern measuring 15 by 15 inches and can stretch out to 45 by 45 inches. Each grid measures 3 by 3 inches. In addition, the net is coated with an abrasion-resistant nylon jacket.

To firmly secure your cargo, it's fitted with six iron hooks that are scratch-resistant and rustproof. It's also fairly easy to hook, detach, and readjust them for a secure fit. Once you have offloaded the cargo at your destination, you can easily roll the net and hooks into a ball for storage. What's more, this net can also be used on ATVs, snowmobiles, and bicycles.

However, this net is a bit on the large side and might not be a good fit for some motorcycle models. Also, it has large grids that enlarge further when the net is stretched out to hook cargo. Therefore, it may not be the best for securing smaller items. In addition, the hook's plastic coating comes off easily and this exposes the metal that can scratch your motorcycle.

Honorable Mention

This option comes with one 15- by 15-inch rubber cargo net with a 24-piece assortment of bungee cords. The net is made from elastic polypropylene, which makes it highly stretchable, tear-resistant, and a universal fit for most motorcycles. With six tie-down points made from steel and extra bungee cords, you can be assured that your cargo is secure no matter how fast you ride. Also, the extra bungee cords can be used as extensions on the net to secure items on a larger vehicle such as a truck bed.

The net and bungee cords don't break or deteriorate easily. This is because they are designed to be UV-resistant and can withstand weather and outdoor elements. In addition, the bungee cords are color-coded for easy selection and they come in a clear jar so that you know which one to pick from the bunch.

However, there are a few disappointing issues with the net. It tangles easily when in storage, and is not designed to handle heavy-duty hauling. Also, the net and bungee cords aren't as stretchable as other options on the market. Additionally, the hooks have plastic ends, which can snap easily under stress.

Best Complete Kit

Keep your gear safe with this latex bungee cargo net that measures 15 inches square. You can stretch this net to as large as 30 inches square. The bungee cable is 3/16 inch, making it thicker than other mesh nets. You’ll have plenty of coverage thanks to the two-inch square weave of the mesh. Your net will stay securely in place thanks to the ABS plastic hooks. They won't scratch or rust the way steel hooks would. You’ll have plenty of versatility in how you use your net, thanks to the six hooks conveniently located with three on each side.

Unfortunately, the hooks are a bit thick. This can make it challenging to hook them onto your bike. The plastic hooks can also break if you put too much pressure on them.

Best High Elasticity

Stretch this 15.7-inch square net over your cargo and carry everything you need with you. You can easily stretch it over everything with a maximum stretch size of 30 inches square. The mesh has two-inch square openings to contain small items. There are six bright yellow hooks to secure your net to your bike. What makes this net stand out are the included six aluminum alloy carabiners and a storage bag. This gives you more versatility in how you secure the net to your luggage rack. You can also have confidence in its strength with the internal 40 unit natural elastic rubber band that measures 4.5 millimeters.

The downside of this net is that plastic hooks have sharp edges. They can accidentally cut you or scrape your bike. The carabiners’ springs are a bit weak and can fail if you’re too rough with them.

Motorcycle cargo nets come with multiple hooks around the sides. These hooks can be placed on any secure part of your bike. Just make sure they won't slip off and that there isn't too much slack.

While having a rack mounted to the back of your bike isn't necessary, it does make it easier to secure large items.

Metal hooks typically feature plastic or rubber coatings to protect your bike. If the coating breaks or wears off, you risk scratching the paint of your bike. Sometimes you can use caps used for metal shelves or even recoat the hooks with rubber.

While you might be able to reshape metal hooks with pliers, it isn't a good idea. Excessive bending can weaken the metal and cause the hooks to snap easily.

The most versatile cargo net for your motorcycle is the PowerTye Black Mesh Cargo Net (2 Pack). This product comes with two nets that are well-made and have the smallest holes for a better grip.

If you want a more affordable option, you should get the SunFounder Cargo Net for Motorcycle and ATV. This motorcycle cargo net uses premium materials for half the price.

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