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Best Cargo Nets for Trucks (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

Dec 12, 2023Dec 12, 2023

Keep your gear safe with the best cargo net for your truck

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Cargo nets are the ultimate tool for keeping your loads tied down. Especially useful for open truck beds, cargo nets are elastic, strong, and secure, perfect for helping you transport that big screen TV or helping your friends move. Read on to learn everything you need to know to pick the best cargo net for your truck.

Gladiator Cargo Net MGN-100

PowerTye Mesh Cargo Net

Rightline Gear Truck Bed Cargo Net

Based in Folsom, California, Grit Performance makes high-quality automotive products that are all backed by a lifetime warranty that ensures your cargo net is protected. It's been innovating products for a decade and has a couple of bestsellers, including the large Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net and small Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net.

Rancho Cordova, California is home to the headquarters of Gladiator Cargo Net, designer and manufacturer of heavy-duty cargo nets made to handle the toughest loads. In business since 2016, it has been making a name with products such as the Baja Net and the RipProof Mesh Cargo Tarp.

Since 1991, PowerTye has been making cargo tie-downs in Anaheim, California. An industry leader in creativity and design, its products are durable and come with competitive value prices. Its wide assortment of products includes the popular 15"x15" Mini Net and the 24"x36" Adjustable Net.

Most pickup truck cargo nets will feature one of a few styles of hooks, straps, or carabiners to secure the net to the vehicle. Some of these are more durable and secure than others, with carabiners coming in first. Hooks are also good as they’re easy to attach and detach, but they’re not quite as secure as carabiners. Straps work well but are the least secure.

High-quality cargo nets are made from stretchable materials that will not break under stress. If you’re planning to load heavy cargo, check that the bungee cargo net can support this weight. Some will be able to hold 100 pounds or more, while others won't. Also, keep in mind that larger nets or bigger ropes will not necessarily equal a higher strength.

A small number of security cargo nets come with a built-in tarp element to help protect loads from wet weather. If that's a concern for you, it's worth checking out this type. Otherwise, you can also just place a tarp over your load and strap the cargo net on top.

Best Overall

For the ultimate pick in heavy-duty hauling, this Gladiator Cargo Net is the way to go. It has a high number of connection points, giving you great versatility for transporting large and oddly shaped cargo. It also means that your load will be secure. As an adjustable net, this one can accommodate even the largest truck beds. A number of internal attachment tabs are also included, which are great for securing smaller loads.

All Gladiator cargo nets are independently load rated and tested, so you know you’re getting a high-quality net. Certified by the BSI Group, these nets are used by the DOT and are NACSS approved. The materials used are weatherproofed and ultra-high strength, making this one of the most durable nets on the market. An integrated ripstop meshing prevents snags and helps secure smaller objects. Easy to use, this mesh net saves you the hassle of ropes and tarps.

This is the perfect option if you’re planning to haul a lot. The durability of Gladiator cargo nets goes almost unmatched. That being said, this is one expensive cargo net, so plan to spend more money if you want this kind of quality.

Best Value

This PowerTye cargo net is great for securing a variety of items in trucks, trailers, SUVs, boats, and more. An innovative 2-by-2-inch mesh is the tightest on the market, helping to prevent small items from falling out. The net itself is crafted from a thick 4.4 mm latex/bungee blend for strength and durability. The material lends itself well to stretching and easily returns to its non-stretched form. It's durable and resilient, keeping its elasticity over time.

With 10 tie-down points, this cargo net is also very secure. Durable ABS plastic hooks make for easy loading and unloading of cargo, and the adjustable sub-hooks give you maximum versatility. Another cool feature that comes with this model is the PowerTye Hook Guarantee: If any of the hooks break during normal use, PowerTye will replace them for you.

An ideal option if you’re looking for a quality product that won't break the bank, this cargo networks well in a number of scenarios. It also comes in orange if you prefer a different color. A downside we found is that the plastic hooks do not tolerate cold well and may break in more extreme temps.

Honorable Mention

The Rightline Gear Truck Cargo Net secures your cargo and keeps it dry. It's designed in a bungee style and is attached to a strong, lightweight tarp for enhanced durability. The tarp gets rid of the tangling that is very common with cargo nets. Tilted attachment points make it easy for you to stretch the cargo net in all directions.

This cargo net for trucks has a universal fit and can be used on all truck beds and utility trailers. The tarp is resistant to tears, cuts, and abrasions. It features tape-sealed seams and keeps your items dry even when it's raining. The net is easy to install and folds down easily for storage. We are also pleased with the one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

However, this net may let you down when you need it most. The tarp and plastic hooks are poorly constructed. Additionally, the tarp is thin and rips very easily.

Honorable Mention

The Grizzly Gear XL cargo net stretches up to 7.5 by 5 feet. It's an all-purpose, weatherproof net that fits on most truck beds and trailers. It has hooks that have a high tensile strength and are able to maintain grip under heavy loads. They also won't scratch your vehicle's finish.

This net is super stretchy and is large and strong enough for a normal, full-size pickup truck bed. The mesh is made of nylon-reinforced rubber that resists moisture and maintains elasticity. The net's 7-by-7-inch grid is able to grab smaller objects and irregular-sized cargo. There are also a lot of hooks, so you can attach the net in dozens of places. In addition, it's easy to fold and pack the net away for storage.

One downside is that it can be frustrating to untangle when you remove it from the packaging or from storage. However, you can remove the hooks, which makes it easier to untangle. Another problem is the hooks fall off easily when the net is not attached to the pickup bed or another surface area.

Honorable Mention

This cargo net is 5 by 7 feet and stretches to 10 by 14 feet. It's constructed of 1/4-inch elastic bungee cord with 5-by-5-inch mesh squares that contain small items and also prevent large objects from falling out of the cargo bed. The net is designed for truck beds, trailers, ATVs, luggage racks, and more.

One of the best parts about this net is that it's incredibly stretchy. It's also very sturdy and easy to use. The net's 16 D-clip carabiners are aluminum alloy and will not rust and won't fade or break like plastic hooks. The clips are designed so you can quickly hook or unhook the net from the attachment points on your truck. The net also comes with a storage bag.

There aren't too many complaints about this net. However, it may have a slight odor from the manufacturer. Another problem is that the carabiner clips may not fit the large rails of certain utility trailers.

Honorable Mention

AxPower's bungee cargo net is 4 by 6 feet and stretches to 8 by 12 feet. It comes with a storage bag, 12 ABS hooks, 12 metal carabiner clips, and two extra bungee cords. The net is constructed of 5mm rubber bungee cord, and the clips and hooks are simple to use. It's designed for use on trucks, trailers, Jeeps, ATVs, RVs, boats, and more.

You can adjust this net in a variety of ways using all of its hooks. It's quick and easy to strap things down, and it holds tight at highway speeds. It's well-made, very functional, and stretches enough to keep items in place without squishing the contents. Overall, it's very good-quality and is available at a good price.

One complaint is that the mesh grid is a little large and too open to secure smaller objects. Some users have also only received one bungee cord instead of two as promised in the description.

Honorable Mention

This cargo net is specifically designed for use on 2005 and newer Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks with long beds and is attached to the OEM bed rail. It stretches from 3 feet by 5 feet to 4.5 feet by 7.5 feet and features heavy-duty 8mm bungee on the perimeter, 6mm bungee on the interior, and a diamond-mesh grid. It also comes with 15 hooks, four carabiners, and a storage bag.

The net's knotted joints are strong and durable. It is sturdy, feels very secure, has a lot of stretching capability, and won't loosen when you're driving. The bungee material is also thicker and better quality compared to many other nets on the market.

But it's not perfect. Third generation Tacomas do not have rear bed rails, so this net is not compatible. It also doesn't work on short beds. The hooks may also bend if the net is too tight, and the net is not very adjustable.

A: Aside from a heavy-duty cargo net, you’ll also want additional straps to secure the net and tie everything down. That's especially important if the load is also oversized or oddly-shaped. To avoid anything coming loose, we recommend tying down the load at all four corners and, at a minimum, at two other points.

A: Yes! It's a common misconception that the weight of the cargo alone will keep it from blowing away. It's incredibly important to secure every load properly, regardless of how light or heavy it is. Make sure the truck bed cargo net and any additional ropes or straps you’re using are strong enough to hold the weight of the load.

A: Yes, definitely! Cargo mesh nets are, of course, most useful in open pickup truck beds where they can prevent cargo from blowing away in the wind. If your truck bed is already covered in one way or another, you can still benefit from a cargo net.

Our top pick is the Gladiator Cargo Net MGN-100. It's a thick, heavy-duty net that securely attaches to your truck.

If you’re looking for a great cargo net that won't break the bank, check out the PowerTye Mesh Cargo Net. It's a great value.

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