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The Best Pop

Jun 01, 2023Jun 01, 2023

This big canopy has a sturdy powder-coated steel frame with adjustable legs that have a push-button mechanism to adjust to one of three height options. It comes with four sidewalls, one of which has two zippers so users can roll open a door. The configurations can change based on need, allowing for versatility. For example, on a sunny day, users can choose to have two sidewalls on the backside to provide extra shade. Two of the walls contain a zipper, so they can be used as a door.

With a canopy of this size, two people are definitely needed to set it up. It pops open like other ABC Canopy tents. However, this model has two peaks, so there are two center poles and cranks. It wasn't difficult, but setup took 15 to 20 minutes from start to finish once we’d added the sidewalls. Adjusting the height with the push-button mechanisms was simple, protecting us from pinched fingers. Hook-and-loop straps secure the canopy between the poles for added stability. Once set up and with a person at each corner, we could carry this canopy around to move it. While it is large, it's relatively lightweight for the size of the canopy.

We set this canopy up for a graduation party in a Pacific Northwest downpour, and it performed beautifully. Not a drop got inside the canopy. If shoppers frequently entertain in the backyard, attend outdoor sporting events, or frequent trade shows, this canopy is durable enough to handle it all and provides 100 square feet of covered space.

This model also includes stakes and sandbags to stabilize the canopy. While this model is heavy, it comes with a roller bag that makes transportation easier. This canopy is available in three sizes and 19 colors. This was one of our favorite models during testing. However, it didn't come without its faults. The instructions were generic and didn't include any specifics for a model this size. It was also difficult to fit the frame, canopy, and sidewalls into the roller bag.

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Get the ABC Canopy Commercial 10×15 pop-up canopy at Amazon.

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