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The Best Outdoor Rugs to Tie Your Backyard Space Together

Jul 20, 2023Jul 20, 2023

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Add a plush element to your deck or patio with a weather-resistant rug.

A rug for the outdoors? What will they think of next?! Snark aside, having an outdoor rug goes a long way toward making your backyard living area feel welcoming and comfortable. Just as a rug in your living room makes things cozier than a bare hardwood floor, so too does an outdoor rug elevate your patio or deck to a space where you really enjoy spending time and relaxing. Whether you're looking to add a dash of style and personality, a comfy underfoot feeling or add an extra layer of protection to your deck, an outdoor rug is the thing to do it.

Revival is all about rugs (along with the occasional cool chair), so it's no surprise the brand finds itself at the top of our list. The Horseshoes rug is one of the brand's bestsellers, and it has just about everything you could want in an outdoor rug. It's water-resistant and designed for the outdoors, yet it's soft enough for indoor use. It's sustainably made from 100% recycled PET derived from plastic bottles and is handwoven by a family-run weaving house that specializes in this flatweave style. And it's a beautiful original design from Revival that you won't get anywhere else; a brightly-colored ombre plaid that's a hyper-modern and playful take on classic lawn sport clothing designs.

Generally speaking, if you're spending more than a few hundred bucks on an outdoor rug you're ending up with a quality item that will last for years if well cared for. But when you want to drop a couple grand for a little extra designer flair, we recommend looking to Design Within Reach. The somewhat ironically named retailer carries the Tres Texture Outdoor Rug from designer Nani Marquina. Marquina is known throughout the world for her rugs and textiles, and in her hands, the humble rug becomes a work of art. This particular rug in black is an outdoor version of one of Marquina's bestsellers. It's handmade from 100% recycled PET in India, is both weather- and water-resistant and will sharply elevate any space in which it's placed.

It can be pretty hard to shop for a rug on Amazon. There are countless options, nearly all of which are from brands you've never heard of — and many of which with no discernible brand name at all. But Safavieh is a name you can trust. The brand has been making rugs since 1914 and has partnered with the likes of Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren, among others, so this isn't your average Amazon brand. But Safavieh does have your average Amazon prices, as this budget pick shows. This sharp model from the brand's Courtyard Collection has a tough, jute-like weave that resists stains and UV damage. Use it in high-traffic areas and it'll hold up like a champ.

Outer is quite possibly the best place to buy outdoor furniture, and that includes its outdoor rugs. Now, the brand doesn't have a ton of options — there's literally just one model that comes in three colors — but if it suits your style, the Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rug is all you need. Like everything else designed by the DTC brand, the rug is sustainable, innovative and built to withstand the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. It's soft underfoot yet made from 100% recycled PET, along with being stain-, weather- and UV damage-resistant. Plus, its neutral color tones and extremely subtle herringbone pattern will blend in with your decor regardless of your preferred aesthetic, while also hiding dirt and being super easy to clean when there's too much to hide.

Article is best known for its outstanding living room and bedroom furniture, but the brand has been making inroads in the outdoor space as of late. Leading the way is its '70s Edit collection, a series of outdoor pieces inspired by the swagger and style of the 1970s. The Molbo rug is part of that collection, and it brings just the right amount of funk to your outdoor space ... or your indoor space, this rug goes both ways. Its geometric pattern design is both timeless and modern and will last a long time, as the rug is made to hold up against damage from the sun. And even though it's made from polyester, the material feels more like wool.

Serena & Lily is another excellent store for all your outdoor furniture needs, especially if you're into the beachy, coastal aesthetic (calling all coastal grandmothers). The aptly named Beachmont Rug has a denim look and is space-dyed for a weathered, worn-in look. It's handwoven from recycled polyester and the many loops throughout add a ton of texture and dimension, making this rug extra special when you take the time to notice all of its little details.

Designed to look like a classic oriental rug with a faded, antique look, the Holland from Frontgate is both on-trend and timeless. It comes in four colors: Cobalt (dark blue), Glacier (light blue), Peacock (green) and Terracotta (red), each of which is available in myriad sizes. All of the edges are finished for a clean look, and the intricate pattern does an excellent job of hiding dirt and stains. Plus, the sisal weave (made from a polyester blend, not actual sisal) makes it especially rugged and fit for outdoor use, though it can also go indoors.

If abstract patterns aren't your thing and you're looking for a bold rug that will make a statement, then Ruggable has what you need. The Tulum Desert Sage Rug features a cool multicolor print of a tropical setting, executed in such an artistic way that you'll be half-tempted to hang this rug on your wall rather than under your outdoor coffee table. Unlike most other brands, Ruggable's outdoor rugs include a rug pad (cushioned or standard, your choice), though you can opt out and pay less if you don't want or need one. And, even better, the rug portion is machine washable — provided you have a big enough washing machine. It's also treated to resist water and stains, making it especially suitable to outdoor use.

Georgia-based DTC retailer Boutique Rugs is full of, you guessed it, boutique rugs. The store has over 40,000 unique rugs in total, in practically every size, shape and style imaginable. It especially has a lot of round rugs, which can be hard to come across at many other retailers. From Hauteloom comes this Turkish-made rug sporting an interesting Aztec-inspired design that's still versatile enough to fit in with most any decor thanks to its monochrome color scheme. It's also handsome and comfy enough to be used indoors if needed.

If your main requirement for an outdoor rug is that it can take a beating and doesn't mind getting soaked, then Maine's favorite outdoor retailer naturally has you covered. The L.L.Bean All-Weather Braided Rug isn't messing around when it says "all-weather" — it really means it. Snow, sleet, rain, it doesn't matter, this rug will shrug it off and say, "Is that the best you got?" And when it gets too dirty? Just blast it off with a hose to clean it. And if it's still dirty after that? Just flip it around, as this rug is reversible. Despite its ruggedness, it also looks pretty stellar too, thanks to its concentric braids and an assortment of available color patterns from which to choose.

Pottery Barn has long been a favorite for furniture and decor in all its forms, including outdoor wares, and its collection of outdoor rugs is both plentiful and full of quality. The Kian is one of the brand's bestsellers and has a few features you'll only find in better-quality rugs, like a yarn-dyed design that provides rich, long-lasting color and a self-binding weave that resists curling and helps the rug maintain its shape. It's also handwoven from 100% recycled PET, equivalent to 1,442 plastic bottles in the largest size, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Neighbor is one of our fave outdoor furniture brands thanks to the brand's mix of killer style and weather-resistant performance. The Dune Rug is a flatweave design, which means it's lightweight, reversible and generally easy to take care of. It's buttery soft and handwoven from high-quality recycled polyester threads using traditional methods in a Fair Trade Certified factory in India. It's got a dynamite design that won't easily be soiled, as this rug's material is excellent at repelling stains. Just blot spills with a damp cloth when they happen and in most cases you'll be good to go.

Sometimes you don't need a full area rug for your outdoor space; just a runner to cover travel from Point A to Point B. And for an outdoor runner, we like this one from Rugs USA. It's available in a baker's dozen colors, including some very bright and fun options, and features an abstract tropical pattern that will have your outdoor entertaining space looking like a Caribbean resort. It's made in India from a polypropylene and polyester mix and is versatile enough to be used indoors.

Just like when buying an indoor rug, you'll need to take some measurements before purchasing your outdoor rug to ensure that it's the correct size for your space. Some of the most commonly available sizes are 5 feet x 8 feet, 8 feet x 10 feet and 9 feet x 12 feet. You'll also often have options for runners and round rugs, along with a plethora of less common sizes (some brands and retailers even offer custom sizing). There are rules to follow and faux pas to avoid when placing a rug in your outdoor space dependent on whether you're using it for a dining area, living area or elsewhere, but for the most part, you'll want a rug that's large but not too large. Look to leave anywhere from a foot and a half to three feet of space on all sides of your outdoor rug, depending on how you're using it.

While natural materials like wool are common among indoor rugs, outdoor rugs are almost exclusively made from manmade materials that are more durable and, as a little bonus, more affordable. The most common materials you'll see used in outdoor rugs are polyester and polypropylene. In fact, every rug in this guide is made from one or the other, and sometimes both. But while the two materials have similar names and attributes — they're both rugged, stain-resistant, easy to clean and will last about the same amount of years — they're not exactly the same.

Polyester is made from plastic, frequently recycled plastic, while polypropylene is derived from petroleum. So if sustainability is a concern, go with polyester. Polyester is also more resistant to fading from sun damage. Polypropylene has its own advantages, however. It's usually softer and feels more like wool than polyester, and it's less absorbent, making it naturally more water-resistant.

Just because a rug can go outdoors doesn't mean it's suitable for all outdoor conditions. If you don't want to have to run out every time it rains to rescue your rug off of your patio, then you should opt for one labeled as water- or weather-resistant. These rugs will typically be treated so they resist damage from moisture, along with other stains. Some rugs are also treated to resist fading from the sun. Then there are outdoor rugs that have no protection whatsoever, they're pretty much just indoor rugs with some added durability. Consider how involved you want to be with moving your rug in and out of storage when figuring out how much weather protection you need.

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