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See video of NJ troopers delivering a baby roadside

Oct 19, 2023Oct 19, 2023

In the category of "you never know what's gonna happen on any given shift" comes today's #BlueFriday.

A few weeks ago a mom was on her way to the hospital knowing that her baby was ready to be delivered. While on Route 287 in Bridgewater, mom knew the baby was not gonna wait for the hospital. She pulled over and called 911.

New Jersey State Troopers responded immediately. Within two minutes of arriving on the scene, you can see Trooper Michael Morreale delivering a healthy baby boy!

Acting quickly, two troopers who also arrived on the scene Ryan Van Arsdale and Anthony Makhnin, were able to move mom and help baby Jack as the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.

The immediate response and the professional action from the New Jersey State Troopers helped bring a new life into the world and prevented anything from going sideways. Mom and baby Jack are reportedly doing great!

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