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Put a Smile on Dad's Face With Polaris

Jul 08, 2023Jul 08, 2023

Get Dad some outdoor gear he'll put to good use. From camp chairs to side-by-sides, here are some of our favorite gift ideas from Polaris.

The popular powersports brand makes a variety of vehicles and gear, so it's a great place to start your search for the perfect Father's Day gift.

How good was Dad this year? Maybe give him the gift of luxury, utility, and thrills: the Ranger XP 1000 from Polaris. It's built to haul 1,000 pounds in the bed, which can be configured in a multitude of ways with Polaris Ranger bed accessories to suit his needs. A throttle control lets Dad choose between Work, Standard, and Performance modes and more.

Inside, you can store tools or gear under the seats, in the glove compartment, and in the dash. Additionally, it has oversized cupholders and a USB charging port.

The Kickback Rocker from Polaris isn't your run-of-the-mill folding camp chair. Sure, it folds up for hauling to and from camp, but once you’re seated it allows you to rock back on spring-loaded pistons for an easy-does-it sit around the fire, soccer game, front porch, beach, lunch on the job — you get the idea. It also comes with a cupholder and a phone-sized pocket under the arms.

Business on the outside, softness on the inside. This flannel jacket is designed to keep Dad looking sharp, while the Sherpa fleece lining offers insulation to keep him warm while he's out in the yard or off-roading. It has four pockets on the outside and a zippered pocket inside. The jacket comes in two colors.

The Altitude 2.0 Helmet uses a fiberglass composite construction for protection and long-term durability. Airflow options include upper vents with an on/off shutter and a removable breathbox. The eyeport is sized to fit Polaris 509 goggles, and it's also Go Pro-compatible.

Polaris gave the rotomolded NorthStar cooler 2 inches of insulation, which lets it keep ice for up to a week, according to the brand. It has tie-down slots, comfort-minded rope handles, and slip-resistant pads underneath.

And you can haul it into the backcountry and lock it up to keep out bears and other critters. (The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee has certified the NorthStar as bear-resistant, noting that "coolers require use of bolts or padlocks to be bear-resistant.")

This 2,500W-max-output (AC) generator can power smaller appliances and electronics like laptops and phones. Bring it to the campsite, cabin, or backyard to power string lights, an electric grill, and more. This generator runs from the Polaris app, which means Dad can start and stop it from his phone, as well as monitor performance, fuel levels, and more.

Additionally, it comes with a factory-installed cold-weather kit and has parallel capability to connect to another Polaris inverter generator to power even more (parallel kit sold separately).

The Leather Patch Cap from Polaris lets Dad tie his look together, protect himself from the sun, keep his hair out of his face, and hide his bald spot. The cap has a breathable mesh back and a one-size-fits-all adjustable strap for sizing.

If you’re still not seeing the perfect gift for Dad, Polaris has its own guide for finding the right gift for hunters, landowners, campers, and more.

This article is sponsored by Polaris. Explore the brand's website for more Father's Day gift ideas.

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