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NIT to strengthen ties with local industries for training

Jan 02, 2024Jan 02, 2024

In a significant move towards fostering collaboration between academia and industry, the director of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Jamshedpur, Dr Goutam Sutradhar, convened a meeting with entrepreneurs from small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The aim of the meeting was to explore opportunities for joint initiatives and enhance the institute's engagement with local businesses.

The meeting took place in conjunction with the release of the NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) rankings for 2023 by the Ministry of Education.

The representatives of the MSME organization Laghu Udyog Bharati engaged in a thoughtful and extensive deliberation on how to establish coordination between the institute's B.Tech students, Ph.D. research scholars, and local industries. The objective was to ensure that students not only receive academic development but also gain practical knowledge about the industrial world. This initiative aimed to make them aware of the complexities and opportunities in the industry, enabling them to establish new ventures upon completion of their academic journey.

During the course of the discussion with industrialists, serious consideration was given to providing the institute's students with a one-week or fifteen-day training programme in various MSME industries through Laghu Udyog Bharati. This programme intends to facilitate better interaction between students and the industry for their future prospects.

Dr Sutradhar, emphasised the need to utilize the institute's resources for the development of local industries and to enhance the capabilities of students. The meeting was attended by Hans Raj Jain, chairman of Laghu Udyog Bharati, as well as Kashinath Singh, Member of the MSME Board, along with several industrialists including Shambhunath Jaiswal (Jaiswal Steel Industry), Sameer Singh (Singhal Engineering), Amlesh Jha (Canellite), Manoj Kumar (Jyoti Cero Rubber), Uttam Kumar Choudhary (Precon Engineers), Sandeep Mishra (SSS Industries), Neeraj Kumar Mishra (Ekta Telecom and Communication), Anand Dhabu (Auto Fiber), Avi Mutreja (Metro Industries), Rupesh Katiyar (TMS), Vinay Kumar Singh, and Saikat Ghosh (Jamshedpur Spring Press), along with Amrit Pal Rahi (Rahi and Sons) and Rajiv Shukla (Himalaya Enterprises).

The meeting, held at the NIT Jamshedpur boardroom, brought together Prof. Goutam Sutradhar and a group of enthusiastic SME entrepreneurs from the vicinity of Jamshedpur. The discussions focused on establishing a productive partnership between the institute and the SME sector to promote knowledge exchange, research collaborations, and skill development.

The discussions emphasised the importance of nurturing entrepreneurship among students and equipping them with industry-relevant skills and knowledge. The meeting aimed to encourage collaboration between NIT Jamshedpur and SMEs, creating an ecosystem where students can leverage their academic growth while gaining exposure to the practical aspects of running a business.

The marathon meeting served as a platform for productive discussions and exchange of ideas. It paved the way for future collaborations, internships, and training programs that can benefit both the institute's students and the SME sector.