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GoldenEye Dam walkthrough, from covert modem to alarm locations

Apr 02, 2023Apr 02, 2023

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Install the covert modem and bungee jump off the dam

In GoldenEye 007's first mission, Dam, you’re dropped off at the base of a dam in the former Soviet Union, and it's your job to infiltrate the facility and intercept the shipping and contact information.

Depending on your difficulty, you have to neutralize the alarms, intercept the data, and bungee jump to safety - all of which is explained step-by-step in our GoldenEye 007 Dam walkthrough.

Depending on the difficulty, you can have up to four primary objectives to complete at the Dam. The four objectives are as follow:

Here is how to complete each objective, step-by-step.

Though we’ll cover these as we go in the above sections, here is at a glance the four alarm locations, in the event you finished the mission and managed to miss one or two:

Once you have completed all the other objectives, within the dam area, you can find a small set of stairs leading to a platform.

From here, simply move through the railings into the water below to escape and complete the mission.

That completes the Dam portion of Mission 1: Arkangelsk, and leads into Facility.

Before you move on, it might be worth unlocking this level's GoldenEye 007 cheat, now you’re fully familiar with its objectives.

If you are in need of help for later missions, we have a full breakdown of Bunker 1 and Surface 2.

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Share Dam Tips before starting Dam in Goldeneye 007 Dam objectives Dam Security Area sniper rifle Installing the Covert Modem You only have one modem, so do not miss. Objective B Intercept data backup filled with enemies check your corners completing Objective C Dam alarm locations Bungee jump from platform (required)