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Ant and Dec make special request to Britain’s Got Talent boss

Aug 08, 2023Aug 08, 2023

Ant and Dec posted that they have made a special request to Britain's Got Talent bosses after Ant's disastrous fall.

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly have assured fans that they have made a special request to the Britain's Got Talent team following Ant's painful fall. On Monday evening Ant, 47, slipped and landed on his back just minutes into the live semi-finals and had to be helped back onto his feet by Diversity's Ashley Banjo.

Ant and Dec took to Twitter to share a snap of themselves looking dapper in matching navy suits, crisp white shirts and polka dot ties. The pair captioned the photo: "Suited, booted, extra grip requested. Ready for #BGT semi-finals day two." Followers were quick to comment with one tweeting: "Ant, you need moon boots for tonight's #BGT show." Another added: "I need that clip replaying with the Benny Hill music over it."



Dec wasn't quite ready to let Ant forget the shameful incident so treated his friend to a unique gift sharing the clip on their feed. Dec said: "You alright, I’ve got you a little gift. After you had a little slip last night, I was just thinking, if you had been carrying a hot beverage, it could have been a catastrophe" before presenting Ant with a gyroscopic mug holder. Dec insisted: "You’ll never spill a drop" as he flung the cup in circles around his body and up in the air.

An elated Ant quickly grabbed it exclaiming: "Even I can't make a mess of this!" before hilariously sending the mug crashing to the floor", leaving Dec covering his ears and tea spilt everywhere. An intrigued follower tweeted: "Where did you get this from? I need one of these because I am that clumsy." Another suggested: "At this point just wrap Ant in bubble wrap."

Although Ant remained firmly on both feet during last night's episode the chaos soon ensued with Bruno Tonioli shocking viewers by swearing under his breath when asked to take part in an onstage performance. Sword swallower, Andrew Stanton, horrified viewers by swallowing a lit-up sword and hooking various instruments and pieces of metal through his nose and mouth. He finished the performance by asking all four judges to sit in a jeep which he pulled along by placing the tow-rope in the sockets of his eyes. Before clambering into the carriage Bruno could be heard on the microphone saying: "f***ing hell Simon, not again." With Ant's disastrous tumble, Amanda being silenced after a technical hitch and Bruno's fruity language choices the audience can expect an entertaining episode tonight.