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8 Best Carry

Oct 25, 2023Oct 25, 2023

It only takes one lost or damaged checked-in luggage encounter that will make you think differently about carry-ons. The right carry-on luggage creates a stress-free travel experience.

The recipe for a good carry-on bag is flexibility, maneuverability, capacity, and a well-thought-out design. Flexible carry-ons allow travelers to expand or compress when needed. This is important, especially on international planes with smaller carry-on limits than American standards.

Regarding maneuverability, you need good carry-on luggage to move with you as you zoom through the airport. This means wheels that allow you to walk, run, or sprint to your gate. This also means having wheels that work on the carpet.

Capacity is a no-brainer. You need a carry-on suitcase to pack various clothing for your trip. That's where a well-thought-out design comes into play. The little things turn a piece of okay luggage into the best, such as a laptop compartment.

It doesn't matter if you’re a frequent flyer or someone who takes an occasional vacation. Everyone needs good carry-on luggage.

Here are the best carry-on luggage brands on the market.

Briggs & Riley Global Carry-On Spinner


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Photo Credit: Briggs & Riley

This award-winning suitcase is one of the most expensive carry-ons you can buy. Priced at just under $700, the design allows travelers to expand their capacity while compressing in ways brands don't offer.

Of its many features, what travelers love most is how Briggs & Riley's Global Carry-On Spinner is made with what creators call "one-touch CX expansion," allowing travelers to increase packing capacity when more space is needed. It works by pressing the "CX" buttons and then pulling up the sides to expand. Once you’re packed, you zip it closed and push it down to compress. The technology is so revolutionary, the company has a patent pending.

Monos Carry-On Pro Plus


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Photo Credit: Monos

Monos has a carry-on luggage that's a bigger version of its award-winning carry-on. The brand's Carry-On Pro Plus features a built-in front compartment for easy access to your travel essentials. You can put a laptop 15″ laptop in the front technology compartment. This particular design can easily fit in major U.S. airlines’ luggage sizers and overhead bins, but you may need to check it on smaller planes.

You will also love how it's designed with an adjustable telescopic handle with four height settings and built-in compression pads.

Solgaard Carry-On Closet


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Photo Credit: Solgaard

The carry-on closet design was inspired by founder Adrian Solgaard's experience of living on the road for three years. He found keeping a room tidy difficult, so he solved the problem. Designed with its own patent built-in shelving system, Solgaard's Carry-On Closet will keep you organized anywhere your travel takes you.

The suitcase also acts as compression cubes to help you save space, but that's not all. Say goodbye to shuffling through your bags to find a charger or looking for the best airport seat to recharge your technology. Charge your devices by plugging your cord into the port on the side of the suitcase.

The Zipper Carry-On Max With Front Pocket


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Photo Credit: Arlo Skye

Arlo Skye's front zipper is where you win with this carry-on because it's hard-shell and flexible. This will give you quick access to your laptop, hoodie, or passport while protecting your valuables.

Inside you will find a full-grain leather name tag, two shoe bags, one laundry bag, and a cotton storage cover. All of these items come with your purchase.

Charge your phone to halfway in under 30 minutes with its blazing-fast removable charger featuring USB C and A ports.

Lastly, all suitcases feature an anti-microbial lining that is infused with natural silver fibers to neutralize odor-causing bacteria and prevent germ growth.

Away Travel Bigger Carry-On


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Photo Credit: Away Travel

For trips you need anywhere between six and nine outfits, Away's Bigger Carry-On should be your go-to. It's built to last as it's made with a durable polycarbonate hard shell exterior. Don't let "bigger" fool you. You can easily fit this piece of luggage into most major airline overhead bins.

It comes equipped with an interior compression system and a water-resistant laundry bag, making it easy to pack all of your essentials.

Level 8 Full Aluminum Carry-On


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Photo Credit: Level 8

Level 8's full aluminum carry-on is a Red Dot award-winning luggage. The design is sleek and minimum, but the creators considered every small detail down to the wheels. The carry-on comes equipped with slow-release damping rubber handles that won't make a noise and allows you to avoid pinching your hand. The bi-metal bearing, 360-degree polyurethane wheels are also extremely quiet and durable, yet made to handle the cobblestones of Europe and have a lifetime guarantee.

Inside are removable dividers designed without obstructions to make storage more spacious and practical. Other intricate details include a metal corner protector to minimize damage. There's also an anti-wear stand to keep your luggage beautiful after each trip.

This is a quality carry-on suitcase.

Samsonite Carry-On Spinner


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Photo Credit: Samsonite

Samsonite is a brand that many travelers trust and for a good reason. Not only is it affordable, but the suitcases, including carry-ons, are built to last a long time.

Its Carry-On Spinner is great for those of you looking for an option that won't cut deep into your pockets while not giving up good quality. It's extremely lightweight and durable. The Freeform was created specifically, to bring strength and maneuverability to customers for an effortless ride.

The carry-on is equipped with a cross ribbon and divider for easy packing and multi-pockets for managing your belongings as your travel. Its double wheels design increases maneuverability. There's a built-in ID tag and you can expand up to 1″.

Calpak Hue Carry-On Luggage


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Photo Credit: Calpak Travel

Calpak's Hue Carry-On Luggage is its ultra-minimalist polycarbonate carry-on suitcase that's lightweight and made with good quality material. The outside is a 100% Polycarbonate shell and easily expandable up to 2″.

According to reviewers, you can fit at least seven days of clothing inside Calpak's carry-on luggage. If you’re a travel beginner, this suitcase is an excellent choice.

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