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10 Best Bungee Jumping Spots In The U.S.

Mar 29, 2023Mar 29, 2023

Bungee jumping is not for the faint-hearted, and those ready to take the plunge should head to these U.S. destinations.

Bungee jumping traces its roots to the land divers from the Pacific nation of Vanuatu. What started as a ritual is now a popular extreme sport – at least for thrill-seekers. Modern bungee jumping was popularized by New Zealand's AJ Hackett, who jumped from the Eiffel Tower in 1987 to introduce the activity to the world.

This adrenaline-packed experience is now professionalized. Those trying it are assured of safety, and the only thing they need to worry about is how to prepare the larynx for that endless scream while plunging. Once tourists are ready, these bungee jumping spots in the United States are ready to push thrill-seekers to their limits.

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The 114-meter High Steel Bridge in the city of Shelton spans the pristine Skokomish River and is surrounded by lush rainforest. The scenery alone is enough to entice those who want to try bungee jumping in this Washington wonder. The photos look mesmerizing, more so when tourists are out there taking the plunge, their shouts drowned by the forest's hum. The structure is the highest railway arch bridge in the country, something to excite those seeking to fill their adrenaline cups.

Las Vegas is more than just its bustling casino and entertainment industry because it has one attraction that will take tourists’ excitement to new heights. SkyJump is not just a mere Nevada landmark because it holds the record of being the "highest commercial decelerator descent" in the world. Located in The STRAT Hotel, this jumping spot towers 252 meters, enough to deliver adrenaline-packed moments for tourists, much so that a repeat visit is a must. There's always a jackpot in Las Vegas courtesy of SkyJump.

San Gabriel Mountains in California is home to the Bridge to Nowhere, a structure named as such because it was abandoned in the wilderness. Though it wasn't able to function as intended, the bridge now serves as a playground for bungee jumpers. The over 36-foot structure is not as tall as other bungee jumping spots, but it's one scenic destination, thanks to the Angeles National Forest. The trails that lead to the bridge are relaxing, preparing tourists before they leap into pure bliss.

Those in Idaho during summer should consider conquering the height of Hansen Bridge. Standing 121 meters, this structure spans the pristine Snake River, welcoming those who want to overcome their fear of heights. It is near the BASE jumping destination of Perrine Bridge and the perfect jump-start for those who want to try things beyond bungee jumping later on. As with the jump in Perrine, a plunge in Hansen is highly regulated, so trip planning is a must. Once there, tourists just need to be ready for the drop.

Bungee jumping in Royal Gorge Bridge in Cañon City is only allowed during the three-day Go Fast Games in September, making it a sought-after activity, especially for those who want to try new things. The over 291-meter architectural wonder is one of the highest suspension bridges in the world, and those who want to experience the thrill of jumping from it should plan their trip well so they don't miss the chance to have a thrilling plunge. The Royal Gorge awaits daredevils.

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A bungee jump from Navajo Bridge only lasts four seconds, but it's a moment that tourists will remember for a lifetime. The over 140-meter structure in Marble Canyon is all about majestic scenery, as it should be because it's nestled in the ever-stunning Grand Canyon National Park. Adventure-seekers should imagine this: as they prepare to jump, they’ll have that sense of fulfillment even before the leap. That is possible because of the Colorado River and the canyon's beauty. Pure bliss, indeed.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is popular among thrill-seekers because it is the highest bungee jumping spot in the country. As with some previously mentioned destinations, it can only be bungee-jumped during a limited period every year, making it a bucket-list-worthy landmark for many adventurers. Towering 206 meters, the bridge is the fifth-highest bungee-jumping spot in the world and might be one of the most scenic because of the pristine Rio Grande. The deck arch bridge looks stunning, adding wonders to exhilarating jumping moments.

The city of Myrtle Beach is more than just its shores and the Atlantic breeze, as it's also home to Air Boingo. Located off the ocean, this bungee jumping destination affords tourists the chance to experience sky-high moments, all the while appreciating the oceanscape, albeit while screaming. Tourists will be 20 meters up in the air before jumping their best jump ever. If they want to get the most out of their stay, they should also try the SlingShot, a backward bungee jump where guests will be taken up to 55 meters in the air.

There's a humble bungee jumping destination in Oregon where tourists will dive 76 meters. One of the state's spots for thrill-seekers can be found in Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint, where a bridge serves as their playground. Atop the structure, tourists will be enveloped by the beauty of the gorge and the Cascade Mountains, enticing them to leap. While diving, they will get excited by the sight of the pristine Crooked River, a calming view for the screaming daredevil.

The resort town of South Padre Island is more than just its beaches where spring breakers converge. This Texas destination is home to Gravity Park, where there is a different kind of bungee jumping experience. The amusement park is the proud host of the world's "tallest reverse-bungee." The Rocket, as it's called, is a must-try when visiting the island as it provides an ecstatic experience, especially for those just starting their thrill-seeking ways. Defying gravity in Texas is always possible.

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