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welcome to OutpostX, an otherworldly glamping experience in utah

Mar 22, 2023Mar 22, 2023

Welcome to OutpostX, an ‘ancient-future’ sustainable lodging experience envisioned by Chamber Stays in Southern Utah. The project unfolds as a 240-acre property that merges a movie set with a hotel, inviting guests to enter a new world where technology has been carefully limited and nature abounds. Nestled near seven national parks, including Zion National Park, OutpostX fully immerses in the region's natural beauty; the complex sits on a seasonally dry 100-acre lake bed that turns into a cracked clay landscape in summer, an otherworldly sight reminiscent of a barren sci-fi desert planet. Meanwhile, the lake bed freezes over in winter, creating a mesmerizing geometric marble pattern.

Cave Lux | all images © Chamber Stays

Travis Chambers, founder of Outpost X, comments: ‘Having visited places like Tulum, the Sahara Desert, and the Middle East, I have always been struck by the distinct atmosphere and unique sense of place that these locations offer. This inspired me to create a space that deviates from cookie-cutter principles often seen in U.S. architecture. Outpost X is a testament to that inspiration, offering a lodging experience that transports guests to a new and exciting world.’ The eco-lodge retreat is currently under construction, with 80% of the project completed, and expected to open to visitors in August 2023. The company also launched an Indiegogo campaign, raising $671,132 so far.

the cave-like lodge uses industry-leading realistic faux rock materials

OutpostX comprises ten units featuring four unique architectural concepts that combine stunning architectural styles from around the globe. The Chamber Stays team took about two years to develop these concepts, offering a glimpse into a realm beyond our own. The first one, Fantasy Lux, is the company's latest artistic triumph designed for a fully immersive and dreamlike experience. It features panoramic windows and a skylight that provide breathtaking views of the surroundings while flooding the interior with natural light. Guests get to enjoy a slide-outside bed for stargazing, a stone platform rain shower, a pull-out couch, and a fully-equipped kitchenette furnished for total privacy and comfort.

an ‘ancient-future’ concept where technology has been carefully limited

Next up is the Cave Villa, a one-of-a-kind architectural masterpiece. The exterior of this cave-like dwelling is built using industry-leading realistic faux rock materials and techniques by Universal Rock. The uneven finishes and textures add to the charm of this fully immersive experience. Inside, guests encounter luxurious furnishings for total privacy and comfort, including the OutpostX EcoBed that allows one to slide their bed outside for a night under the stars. Speaking of stars, the Zen Domes invite guests to indulge in the ultimate stargazing experience with complete privacy. This fully transparent dome and one-way mirrored bathroom eliminate light pollution and open up an unparalleled, unobstructed view of the sky. ‘Relax in the peaceful ambiance and rejuvenate your mind and body with the benefits of red light therapy,’ adds Chamber Stays.

Lastly, built by the famous TV host and survival expert Matt Graham, a Bali-inspired treehouse dubbed Sky Lodge offers breathtaking views of the entire playa. The king-size hanging bed suspended from the ceiling adds to the adventurous feel of the space, while the sky deck provides a perfect spot for stargazing or enjoying a stunning sunset.

Southern Utah hotel Travis Chambers, founder of Outpost X, comments: campaign Fantasy Lux Cave Villa Zen Domes adds Chamber Stays. Sky Lodge