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The Flexispot BS9 office chair is on sale right now

Jun 21, 2023Jun 21, 2023

A great choice for your work and gaming setup for £180

If you're like us and work from home in the day and play games in the evening then having a good chair for your desk is crucial to help look after your back.

While there are lots of chairs out there designed and marketed to gamers, a lot of 'gaming chairs' aren't actually that comfortable or good for your back when compared to a more traditional office chair, and can often cost a lot more.

If you're looking for a chair to improve the time you're spent sitting down at your computer, the BS9 (OC2 in the US) from Flexispot is a great option, and you can get it for only £180/$150 right now thanks to an exclusive deal on Flexispot's website.

Use code "FLASHBS9" at checkout for £120 off

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Flexispot kindly sent me one of these chairs for a review, allowing me to find out how comfortable the chair is and how easy it is to assemble.

The chair measures 69 cm across, and between 99 and 107.5cm high depending on how high you adjust the chair. It easily fits under my Flexispot E8 desk, which I've reviewed here ,and it easily fits under my partner's desk too.

Assembling the BS9 was really easy. It all came in one box, and you only need one tool that is provided. Assembly consisted of screwing the arm rests into the bottom of the seat, then attaching the back rest to the seat, then screwing the plate with the handle into the seat. Once that was done, the casters were slotted into the feat, the gas cylinder placed into the base, and then pop the seat on top of that. It took me about 30 minutes overall, and the instructions were easy to follow.

The arm rests on the BS9 help make it easy to fit under a desk because they're very flat. They're not adjustable or padded, which I did miss compared to the chair I currently use, but my partner (who is now using the BS9 permanently) and I still both found the arm rests to be comfortable and in a good position.

The seat cushion on the BS9 is made of 7cm of foam and is covered in a breathable mesh. My partner immediately noticed a difference in sturdiness and comfort from her previous chair (one of these basic blue chairs you'd see in an office or school), and after three months of it being used almost every day the cushion hasn't flattened or become misshapen.

The most important part of the chair is its lumbar support. The BS9 has excellent support thanks to its design, which creates a gap between the back of the chair and its frame, allowing the webbing to mould into the shape of your spine when you lean back into it. Again, my partner has noticed a massive difference since changing from her old chair, and I was impressed at how much support was given just from the mesh.

Overall, myself and my partner were very impressed with the design and comfort of the Flexispot BS9. It doesn't have the strongest lumbar support like some of Herman Miller's top-end chairs have, but for the price this is very sturdy and comfortable.

We both liked the orange colour the BS9 came in, but if you don't then they now offer the chair with either blue or cream coloured nylon instead to suit the rest of your furniture and the room you'll be placing it in.

You can pick up the BS9 from Flexispot's website, where you can save £120 using the code "FLASHBS9" and get it for £180. You can also get Flexispot's chairs and desks on their Amazon storetoo.

If this particular chair doesn't quite take your fancy, be sure to check out more Flexispot chairs here and follow the Jelly Deals Twitter account to stay up-to-date with the latest deals on other great chairs. Alternatively, check out Digital Foundry's best gaming chair guide.