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May 05, 2023May 05, 2023

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As a dad—and one who loves to cook—there are few things that I enjoy more than breaking out the grill for dinner. Whether I'm cooking up meaty main dishes, veggie-packed sides, or even a sweet dessert, there's just something about standing over an open flame (usually with a beer in hand), listening to music and getting food crispy, that fills me with joy.

If your dad feels the same, you may want to encourage his passion with some giftable grilling gear for Father's Day. I've gone ahead and hand-selected 14 of my favorite tools, from top-notch grills, to handy holsters, to some serious smoking wood, that any dad—whether he just fired up a grill for the first time on Memorial Day, or he's a seasoned pit master—is sure to enjoy.

"If your favorite griller is always looking for places to put stuff (plates of raw meat, plates of cooked meat, condiments, grilling tools) they may need an outdoor food prep station," Country Living Senior Food and Gardens Editor Chris Michel says. "I like this one because it's easy to set up and take down (I don't have a permanent grill area) and it's pretty sturdy, with lots of spaces to put things."

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Portable Folding Grill Table


"If your guy has been trying and trying to make good barbecue on the grill, and just can't get that fall-off-the-bone quality for his ribs, or the right flavor for his pulled pork, get him a smoker," Michel says. Some meats (like pork) taste far better when cooked low and slow, and grills just aren't great at maintaining a low temperature consistently. This smoker is an inexpensive option that'll give him plenty of room to experiment with different wood chip varieties, meats, and temperatures.

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Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control


If he loves precision numbers, he'll flip for this bluetooth thermometer, which lets you get every kind of protein to the exact perfect internal temp every time, without having to hover over the grill. It's great for cooking meats that you want to take off the heat at a specific point (like steak) or for ones that you cook low and slow over a few hours (like pork).

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Meater Smart Thermometer


Everyone has them, but grill brushes really aren't the most effective tool for cleaning. Why? Because the bristles can break and leave residue that can then end up in your food. A side of metal bits with your steak? No, thank you. This grill cleaner set is Michel's recommendation for getting an effective clean that doesn't leave anything behind.

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Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner Set


There's one thing every grilling fanatic needs and wants: more meat. Snag him one or two pieces of this "ranch-to-table" Waygu beef and we promise he'll be thrilled—and you get to reap the benefits, too.

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American Wagyu Black™ Grade Beef


When grilling season comes around, there's a good chance he wants to cook anything and everything outdoors, and this griddle top will give him the chance! Just put it on top of the grill and cook favorites like eggs, sautéd veggies, and more over the open flame.

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Griddle Flat Top Plate


His trusty ole charcoal grill isn't just for burgers anymore! This kit will turn any kettle grill into a pizza oven with just a few quick steps.

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Pizza Oven Kit for 22.5 Inch Kettle Grills


If he's never used a well-made, high-quality knife before, then get ready to change his life. Made from pro-grade AUS-10 Japanese Steel, this Misen knife is a staple in our test kitchen. Bonus: sharper knives lead to fewer kitchen injuries!

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Chef's Knife


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