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Richwood’s Hooked on Fishing Bluegill Contest—Quite the Weekend Splash!

Jul 08, 2023Jul 08, 2023

By Nikki | on June 06, 2023

RICHWOOD—The turnout was quite impressive in Richwood on Saturday morning for the annual Hooked on Fishing Bluegill Contest at Richwood Lake!

A total of 74 eager youngsters arrived alongside their families and friends—prepped and ready to face the opposition head-on for the highly anticipated annual fishing competition. From 9:00 a.m. to noon, the action was nonstop; from catch measurements to bait replenishment and everything in between—active participants from three eligible age groups all vied to snag the longest Bluegill of the bunch… and, a "special award" presented to the individual of whom embarked upon the longest journey to contend.

Would you have imagined… Texas? That's right! Lilly Springer trekked afar from the State of Texas to Richwood, Ohio—and, by a long shot—was the proud recipient of the coveted award.

An array of fish-friendly prizes awaited the curious children, too (many of whom were frequently spotted eyeballing the alluring prize table as casual passers-by). Following the tournament, tickets were drawn at random, granting each participating child an opportunity to score some spectacular fishing gear and Wildcat Pizza certificates courtesy of Tim Dawson.

Attendees also had the opportunity to visit the newly-opened splash pad! In just the second day of full swing operation, children and adults both young and old (pets, too!) were reveling in its refreshing splendor—seeking refuge from the quickly rising heat of the midday sun. Unfortunately, though, due to the dire lack of rain and spectacular patronage over the weekend, the splash pad has encountered an obligation to temporarily shut down activity in order to restore proper water supply to the village. Updated hours of operation will soon be announced as village representatives avidly seek a viable solution; however, expect a restricted timetable as the outlook for rain remains quite grim in the forthcoming days.

All things considered—it's fair to say we pay homage to another successful, memorable year for the beloved Bluegill fishing contest!

Don't miss the photos from the event below… can you spot yourself? See who you can recognize as you take a gander!

Here are the lucky few to go down in history as the 2023 Richwood Lake Hooked on Fishing Bluegill Contest winners:

Age group 0-6:

1st place: Westin Mills2nd place: Daxton Thomas3rd place: (tie) Abel Talbott and Calvin McKee

Age group 7-10:

1st place: Hoyt Brown2nd place: William Leib3rd place: (tie) Addie Sowder and Denver Cremeans

Age group 11-15:

1st place: Charlie Colwell2nd place: Daemon Elkins3rd place: Wesley Nickelson

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