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M5 van driver caught with shock shopping list of offences

Apr 17, 2023Apr 17, 2023

The driver was caught not wearing a seatbelt and using his phone while driving

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A driver using the M5 was pulled over today (June 2) near Exeter by police after carrying an "insecure load".

But the motorist's day went from bad to worse when officers noted that he wasn't wearing a seat belt and was using his mobile phone while driving. To make matters worse after stopping officers also found one tyre was worn down to the cord, making it illegal. He also had no tax on his van.

As a result, the van, a Ford Transit, was seized by police and prohibited. The driver was also reported.

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Taking to Twitter, the account Devon and Cornwall Police - No Excuse, tweeted: "This Ford Transit was seen travelling with an insecure load on the M5 near #Exeter.

"Upon closer inspection, the driver wasn't wearing a seatbelt and was using his mobile phone. When stopped he had a tyre down to the cord & no tax. Vehicle seized, prohibited and driver reported."