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Oct 21, 2023Oct 21, 2023

(55 YEARS AGO) 1968 Newly elected student body officers at Malad High School are (l. to r.) Con Alder, president; Janet Buehler, secretary; Paul Willie, vice president; Kay Gleed, historian; Daryl Jones, business manager; Margaret Mary Evans, head cheerleader.

5 YEARS AGO (2018)

Fay Cottle has been chosen to receive the Esto Perpetua Award from Idaho State Historical Society. Fay was nominated by Mayor Joan Hawkins for many years of working as director of the Oneida Pioneer Museum also in helping lay the groundwork to form the organization to legally own and be responsible for the artifacts that local residents donated and loaned over the years.

Nine MHS students completed 88 hours of classroom work and 32 hours of clinical experience in the nursing home to get their certifications as a Certified Nursing Assistant. They are, Daysia Harris, Kaylie Evans, Kayla Hudnell, Shelby Ward, Breelle Daniels, Sadie Giles, Caitlyn Marshall, Halli Hannah and McCall Smith.

Paisley Smith receives District Award in Lions Patriotism Essay Contest.

Malad High School baseball team claimed the third place trophy in the 2A Idaho State Baseball Tournament.

10 YEARS AGO (2013)

The Malad High School softball team finished the 2A Idaho State Softball Tournament in Orofino as state champions. The Lady Dragons fought their way back from an earlier loss to take the title.

Three members of the Malad High School chapter of the FCCLA (Family, Careers, and Community Leaders of America) attended the annual Idaho State Leadership Conference in Boise. Accompanying Heidi Hannah, Nicole Tavoian and Cassidy Stewart was Advisor Sarah Robbins.

Three weeks ago, homeowners in the St. John area were cleaning out an old shed a came across old dynamite, blasting caps and primer cord. The Oneida County Sheriff's Office was contacted about how to handle the explosives, and the Idaho Falls Police Bomb Squad came to Malad and packaged up the items and took them for safe disposal.

The Malad High School chapter of the National Honor Society has selected officers for the 2013-14 school year. Riley Schow will serve as president with Meaghan Brown as vice president, Bryn Haycock as secretary and Olivia Sands as treasurer.

The Malad High School student body officers for the 2013-14 school year were recently chosen. Leading Malad High School will be Carson McClain, student body president; Bryn Haycock, vice president; Brittany Thomas, secretary, Kyley Thorpe, historian, Jason Crouch, business manager and Bryce Gibbs, head cheerleader.

15 YEARS AGO (2008)

Malad Elementary was the site of what looked like the Wild West with students, dressed as cowboys, gathered for the annual Grizzly Canyon Rendezvous. The students got a chance to meet Roy Hansen known as Crazy Coyote. He brought his wife Jill Hansen, known as Star Gazer, Sandy Hunt, known as Lays with Horses, Mike Powell, known as Silver Hawke and Allen Hall known as Captain D.

The county is getting closer to opening its new landfill. It appears only two things remain to be completed before moving into the landfill – the road and the fence. Once these are done, Dee Johnson, health inspector of the Southeastern District Health Department and DEQ can conduct a final inspection.

Patrons of School Trustee Zone #1 returned David Andersen to his seat on the Oneida School Board and Lisa Willie from School Zone #5, who was unopposed, was automatically declared the winner.

County Landfill Manager Chip Jacobsen hauled a load of aluminum cans to Western Metals Recycling last week in a one-ton-truck. but credits Lynn Richard, gate attendant with collecting the load.

25 YEARS AGO (1998)

City Councilman Jared Crowther presented the first recycling check the city received from Fibres International, for $82, to Principal Dotty Evanson and teacher Lynn Jones. It will be used for the school's Accelerated Reader Store.

The United States Achievement Academy announced today that Karalee Waldron from Samaria, Idaho, has been named an All-American Scholar.

The Idaho State University chapter of the Golden Key National Honor Society awarded a scholarship at the annual membership reception. The junior recipient was Malad High School graduate Jenny R. Hawkins. Jenny is majoring in mathematics with a 4.0 grade point average.

Class of 1998's scholarship recipients, recognized in the Senior Awards Assembly May 13 and pictured in The Idaho Enterprise are the following: Trevor Reel, Robert Ray, Chris Hess, Clint Price, Brent Schow, Burt Willie, Tyson Daniels, Eric Buehler, Nicole Bastian, Connie Brown, Kellie Stokes, Janita Showell, Mindy Griffiths, Bree Price, Brian Schow, Trevor Neal, Megan Daines, Errol King, Amanda Skeen, Emily Hansen, Alicia Gevas, Brook Blaisdell, Kenny Blaisdell, Randy Evans, Elizabeth Crowther, JaRon Crowther, Jessica Lynn Jones, Linda Rice, Gillian Farley, Jandy Smith, Rachael Davis, Sara Jo John, Marilyn Bott and Janet Tubbs.

35 YEARS AGO (1988)

Malad's Junior Miss Scholarship Competition will be held on May 28 in the Malad Elementary Auditorium. The theme for this year's event will be "Share the Spirit". There are ten girls vying for the title of Malad Junior Miss and hoping to qualify for a portion of the $6,000 in scholarships that are available. Competing for the title are Elizabeth Ward, Kathy Madsen, Jodi Talbot, Janna Dredge, Treena King, Erin Jones, Amy Waldron, Amy Thomas, Shirley Steed and Susan Showell.

Kim and Julie Allen are gearing up for a Grand Opening of Allen's Western Wear, and they’re inviting everyone out to see their new store.

The kickoff to the University of Idaho's Centennial Celebration in Oneida County came to Malad Monday with the planting of five young trees on the grounds of the new Malad High School. Participating in the ceremonies were John Grubb, Lucile Harrison, David Evans, chairman for Oneida County, Mayor Terrill Schwartz, Rauhn Panting and Principal Jerry Esplin.

Pictured in The Idaho Enterprise, Malad Lions Club Secretary, Veryl Henrie proudly displayed the Ralph Garrett Memorial Sward presented the group at the Idaho State Lions Convention held recently in Sun Valley. The Malad group received the coveted award for their part in efforts to make a track and field at Malad High School a reality.

A sixth-grade student at Malad Elementary was honored last Friday for having seven years of perfect attendance! From his first day of kindergarten in 1980 until his final day of elementary school, May 20, 1988, Michael Schwartz did not miss one day of regular school - that's 1,260 days.

45 YEARS AGO (1978)

Lynn Elcock, long-time employee of J.N. Ireland and Company, Bankers, was recently elected president of its board of directors, filling the vacancy left by the late William Griff Jenkins.

Passports, clothes, luggage, cameras, film, travelers checks – European-bound Malad High School German Club members have ‘made their lists and are checking them twice’ with pre-Christmas excitement in anticipation for their June 1st flight to Germany. Fifteen Maladians will participate in the exchange, which will last about four- and one-half weeks. Those scheduled to participate in the Malad-Berlin exchange are" Zane Gill, Louise Davis, Jeff Davis, Jeff Treasure, Julie Clark, Sharon Sweeten, Blaine Scott, Scott Gleed, Larry Evans, Ellen Naugler, Ann Schwartz, Brenda Deschamps, Leslie Willie, Terri Christophersen and David Zivkovic.

Receiving cash awards in the recent Poppy Poster Contest sponsored by the Malad Legion Auxiliary Unit were Jeff Treasure, first place, poster entered in state competition; Pam Nielsen, second; Brooks Allen, honorable mention; Greg Nielsen, honorable mention; Brent Forbush, first place; Mark Phillips, second; Darrel Ward, honorable mention.

55 YEARS AGO (1968)

Newly elected student body officers at Malad High School are Con Alder, president; Janice Buehler, secretary; Paul Willie, vice president; Kay Gleed, historian; Daryl Jones, business manager; Margaret Mary Evans, head cheerleader.

Rick Servoss has resigned as Oneida County Deputy Sheriff to accept an appointment to the Las Vegas City Police force effective next month. He has been deputy sheriff for the past two years.

A 23-year-old pilot lost his life probably Wednesday evening about 11 p.m. when the light plane he was ferrying from Wichita, Kansas to Campbell River, B.D., Canada, hit the side of a mountain about four miles north of the Federal Aviation VOR Station located 15 miles west of Malad. A travel clock in the pilot's luggage was stopped at 10:54.

Malad High School seniors who were awarded scholarships for various academic and athletic accomplishments are Linda Williams, Patti Smith, Julie Byrd, Julie Parry, Kathleen Allen, Christine Williams, Karen Jones, Margaret Bush, Merrell Williams, Janet Corbridge, Tim Willie, David Corbridge, Jan Moon, Randy Jones, Norval Moss, Kim Hartvigsen, Brent Thomas, Paul A. Kent, Tom Jones, Steve Facer, Nick Sorensen, Brad Price, Steve Miller, Neal Scott and Tom Robbins.

60 YEARS AGO (1963)

Oneida Perlite Corporation has signed a contract to provide all the perlite needed for the construction of two buildings for the Rocket Motor Surveillance Facility at the site west for the Great Salt Lake.

After 57 years of operation here, the J.C. Penney store will close its doors this Saturday, May 25.

Stephen Hill, radioman third class, USN, will be advanced to his present rate May 16, after successfully completing the Navy-wide examinations for promotion, the navy department announced. Hill is serving on the destroyer USS Taylor (DD-468), one of 12 antisubmarine warfare destroyers home-ported at Pearl Harbor. His ship's duties include antisubmarine defense of the Pacific area.

Robert Waldron, local science and math teacher, was named as one of the recipients of the Shell Oil Foundation Incorporated, award to summer school at Stanford University. Mr. Waldron has also been chosen as one of the Idaho mathematics teachers to work on Project Idaho at the College of Idaho, Caldwell, from June 3 to June 15. This project is held to bring up to date the teaching methods of mathematics in the secondary and elementary schools of Idaho.

70 YEARS AGO (1953)

New Malad High Student Body officers are Ren Jensen, student body president; Isabel Davis, vice president; Vella Crowther, secretary/treasurer; Chloe Price, historian and Monte Thomas, business manager.

Idaho Attorney General, Robert E. Smylie has issued an opinion that Bannock County Hospital may join Idaho State College in establishing a four-year, degree granting School of Nursing, President Carl W. McIntosh announceed. Both the hospital board and the state board of education previously had endorsed the proposal plan. Tentative courses for each of the four years also have been approved. If the school is established, it will be Idaho's first four-year, degree granting nursing program.

The State Highway Department bought 50,000 pounds of glass beads Wednesday. They will be used with paint to make the traffic stripes on the main highways glow in the dark. It takes 90 pounds of beads per mile of solid stripes and 35 pounds per mile of broken stripes.

75 YEARS AGO (1948)

Commencement exercises for the eighth-grade graduates of the Samaria School will be held at the Samaria School house, May 21. The graduates are the following: Wayne Atkinson, Don Goldwater, Lorraine Goldwater, Ilene Hughes, Dee Mansfield, Mada Waldron and Gray Williams. The instructors of the Samaria School are Cenious T. Waldron, principal; Grace Thomas, Mabel Davis.

Commencement exercises honoring two Stone eighth grade graduates, Billy Neal and Helen Robbins, were held at Stone Friday evening.

Malad High School commencement exercises will be held May 27 with sixty-four students receiving their diplomas. Helen Jean Daniels, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Daniels and Rosemary Crowther, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Junius L. Crowther, have been named class valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, for their outstanding scholastic records.

New school officers at Malad High are Theron Hill, Davy Anderson, Bob Harrison, Joyce Harrison, Dale Daniels and Lenore Crowther.

85 YEARS AGO (1938)

Today, May 19, 1938, is "air mail letter day" for Malad. An airplane piloted by Ralph Knapp carried the first airmail ever sent direct from the Malad post office. The plane landed at the local airfield at 3:45 p.m. and took off about 10 minutes later. One hundred and twenty-nine pieces of mail were dispatched from Malad.

90 YEARS AGO (1933)

Five Malad students will graduate from the U.S.A.C. at Logan this spring. Miss Luzelle Sorenson, Miss Polly Allen and Wesley Williams are seniors in commerce; and the Misses Betty King and Lucille Evans will receive normal course diplomas.

95 YEARS AGO (1928)

Since the rains of the past week, it is estimated that farmers of Oneida County will make the heaviest shipments of wheat in the history of the county. If this is true, it means that in the neighborhood of 2 1/2 million bushels of wheat will be shipped from the county this fall. The prospect for $2.00 wheat seems to look bright.