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Look: Gators official visitors show off SwampVu clips

Sep 24, 2023Sep 24, 2023

Florida's official visitors for the weekend of June 2-4 were able to utilize the program's state-of-the-art production studio, SwampVu.

The state-of-the-art technology has been used recently in multiple promotional spots, including a CBS Sports video with Tom Cruise to promote Top Gun: Maverick during the AFC Championship between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The technology has already been used for several Florida teams, including gymnastics and lacrosse, and the next logical step is implementing it with the Florida football program's creative content, which Florida's Kevin Camps indicated would be the case upon the unveiling of the SwampVu studio.

"The video we show with our gymnastics, those videos will be shown on social, they'll be shown in-venue. In June we'll bring our football team in, and they'll do their shoots and do different things," Camps said. "If you notice pre-game, some athletes can't make it, or starting line-ups change, and you may not have those assets to put on the video board, so you can tell the difference from when we're trying to recreate it now. If an athlete is sick or can't make it, we can just roll them right in and in 10, 15 minutes, we're done. So that's really a huge advantage for us and it's going to create a great experience for our fans."

In February, Florida athletics director Scott Stricklin noted it would benefit the team's recruiting efforts, too.

"It touches so many parts, right. So you think about what we can do from a production standpoint, or the things we put on our video boards and social media videos we can do. You think about recruiting visits and having something a little unique and different for the pictures kids like to take when they're on their visits," Stricklin said. "My guess is we're only scratching the surface of what the utilization of this thing can be and what the SwampVu can be. It's really limited only by your imagination."

After official visitors departed Gainesville, the Florida recruiting staff provided the SwampVu clips to prospects, and several have already posted them to social media.

Here's a look at some of the SwampVu clips from the official visitors from last weekend. This list will be updated if any additional videos are posted:

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Lagway's recruiting efforts with the Gators continued upon his arrival in Gainesville, though he made sure to enjoy himself at Florida.

"It was amazing," Lagway told Swamp247's Blake Alderman after the visit. "I built a lot of relationship with these guys. Just trying to convince them to come to Florida. Saying there is no better place than this. Just hoping they enjoy their decsion and take their time and hope its Florida."

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Upon departing UF, Robinson spoke highly of Florida's strength and conditioning set-up, saying it was the part that stood out the most to the 6-foot-4, 300-pounder.

"The visit was very good. I came to see the coaches and everything. I met all the coaching staff, a lot of weight room people. I really like the weight room coaches," Robinson said. "The weight room trainers, they train the players outside of just weightlifting. So the players can go and train with the weight room coaches and train with them outside."

Mainland High defensive lineman LJ McCray had taken multiple visits to Gainesville in the past, but fluctuations in the schedule prevented him from conversing at-length with players currently on Florida's roster.

That all changed over the weekend, leaving McCray impressed with his official visit to the Gators as he had a brief opportunity to experience what the life of a student-athlete at Florida is all about.

"We learned a lot, but the biggest part I probably took away was definitely spending time with the players," McCray told Swamp247. "I was basically a college student almost for two days. It was a really cool experience, I got more information about the coaches, too."

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Williams, who committed to the Gators nearly a month prior to his official visit, had an opportunity to get a better look of the program he pledged to, including his future position coach, Billy Gonzales.

After verbally committing on May 5th, Williams praised Gonzales, saying he envisioned fitting in well to Florida's offense.

"I like what he does. It makes me excited seeing him coaching receivesr, and that I can possibly be in that position," Williams told Swamp247. Just developing and becoming a better athlete. I see the fit here. It was a great experience seeing how an SEC school practices. The energy, the tempo, the combativeness. All of that stuff."

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Stone was among nearly 20 official visitors in town for what was an electric weekend from start to finish.

"It was definitely different than any other type of visit I have taken," Stone told Swamp247. "I had a great time. I feel like everything was more in-depth, and I got to really see how the program is. To begin with the first thing I did that really impressed me was the amount of players they had there with me. Everyone was really into it on the visit, and all the other recruits there that are good players, who want to be good at the next level. I got to talk to them and to bond with them a little bit, and that is something I really enjoyed."


This weekend marked Jackson's second trip to Gainesville, and it's the only official visit he currently has scheduled. He praised Florida's coaching staff in mid-May for their consistent communication throughout the process, which has led him to feel like a priority for the current staff.

"It's just a feeling they give me that lets me know I am (wanted)," Jackson said in early May. "It's just the level of contact they have, from the coaches to the director of recruiting. It's a daily thing, from Coach [Kali] James all the way up to Billy Napier hitting me up. Coach Napier and I have built a tight relationship and I definitely love how he coaches and leads his team. I could see myself playing for him one day."

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This was Calloway's first planned official visit of the summer, and the Gators set the bar high for the talented four-star offensive lineman out of Mooresville (NC) Lake Norman.

"It was really good," Calloway said. "This was the first one of four, so I was more excited for them to set a standard. This one kind of showed me what an official visit is like. Before all I really saw on social media before was the photoshoot and the hotel rooms. Things like that. They definitely set a really high standard and I had a lot of fun. I guess, the people [is what set it high]. It didn't feel like a recruiting trip. It didn't feel like they were trying to sell me on something. It felt kind of like a vacation, and it helps we're in Florida. The weather is beautiful. It didn't feel like they were here trying to get them to tell me why I should play for them. It felt like they were really showing me how I can see myself fitting here and spend the next four or five here yet."

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