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Fall Guys Season 4 out next week with new build

Dec 12, 2023Dec 12, 2023

Plus vaporwave "digital" theme and more.

Fall Guys is back with another season of stuff next Wednesday, 10th May, but there's a major new addition this time around in the form of the freshly unveiled build-it-yourself Creative mode, giving players the tools to construct and share their own levels.

Creative mode functions pretty much as you'd expect, offering what looks to be an intuitive, fully featured construction toolkit available directly in-game. Developer Mediatonic demoed the new mode in today's reveal livestream, explaining that, at launch, players can build Races levels using either Fall Guys' original or new digital themes - with additional themes, round types, obstacles, and music set to be added in future updates.

After budding stage makers have selected their round type and theme, Creative mode then whisks them into the new building view, where they can call up a list of placeable objects - all grouped by category - including obstacles, decorations, and more.

There looks to be a fairly robust set of tools for actual object placement, including rotation, snapping, and even a multi-select tool, enabling builders to copy groups of objects to be pasted elsewhere. Mediatonic says "most" objects include adjustable properties - so you can change an item's colour, change the number of doors on a door wall, pick a conveyer belt's direction, and so on - with the key restriction coming from the building "budget". Essentially, this limits how much you can place in a level, with different objects having different "costs".

Beyond that, the only stipulations when creating levels are they have a start, end, and checkpoints - as indicated by an onscreen building checklist - and must be possible to complete. As such, once you've finished your layout, you'll be directed to play through your stage before it can be published - whereupon you'll receive a level code to pass around to friends or share via online communities, playable in a custom lobby.

Mediatonic says the Creative mode arriving next week is the same one the studio is now using to make official levels, with some great results. As such, Fall Guys' Season 4 - subtitled Creative Construction - will feature 50 new in-house rounds throughout the season, which the developer calls "way more than we've ever managed before", and that'll be in addition to a weekly curated list of the best player-designed stages. Whether the hardly cash-strapped Epic Games, which acquired Mediatonic in 2021, will be paying creators for any prominently featured work wasn't mentioned during today's stream.

Alongside Creative mode, Season 4 brings a new "digital" theme, giving the season a vaporwave-inspired aesthetic, and it'll add the new Boom Blaster obstacle, a kind of lily pad/punch glove hybrid. Elsewhere, there's a fresh lick of paint for Fall Guys' show selector, there are changes to body blocking to make jostling with other players "more fluid and satisfying", and there are some "big changes" to the overall delivery format too.

Seasons will, for instance, be slightly longer starting in Season 4, and Mediatonic is ditching Fall Guys' existing Season Pass model in favour of shorter, more frequent Fame Passes. These will cost 600 Show Bucks each, less than the Season Pass, but the studio hasn't yet indicated how often these will be refreshed, so it's unclear if the Fame Pass model will prove more or less expensive across a season compared to the current set-up.

Mediatonic ended its livestream with a few teases of currently-in-development new features (which may or may not eventually make the live game), including a new co-op-focused Tether mode which ties to players together at the hip with a stretchy bungee cord for japes, plus a new roll feature, enabling beans to curl up into a ball and bounce around levels. There's no indication of when any of this stuff might finally see the light of day (if it does at all), so, for now, all eyes are on Season 4: Creative Construction, which launches next week.