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Crime Clips (6/2/23

May 21, 2023May 21, 2023

CASPER, Wyo. — Provided below are some details on recent law enforcement activities across Natrona County. These selections are intended to highlight the breadth of circumstances under which law enforcement is called to engage the public.

Information is provided by Casper Police Department Public Information Officer Amber Freestone and Natrona County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Kiera Grogan, based on officer and deputy reports.

Other sources include affidavits and appearances in Natrona County Circuit Court.

Fraud Concern: Friday, June 2

An inmate at the Natrona County Detention Center wanted to report a fraud concern. Grogan said the man reported that he had given his passwords to someone he was previously in a relationship with. The ex's new boyfriend reportedly told the inmate that his ex may try to use the inmate's cash app. No evidence of fraud or unauthorized transfers were found, Grogan said.

Suspicious Activity: Saturday, June 3, 2658 Allendale Boulevard, Natrona NCSE ACT

A caller reported that there was someone screaming and behaving erratically in the road. Deputies responded and located an individual that matched the description. They had him step out of the roadway and observed signs of intoxication, including the smell of alcohol.

The individual stated that he didn't have a name, Grogan said. The man further stated that he was in the wilderness and that he was "eff’ed up." Deputies said that he was presently in an alley, and arrested him for being a pedestrian under the influence.

Roof Collapse/Life Flight: 6:27 p.m. Saturday, June 3, US 20-26, milepost 23

Deputies assisted medical and county fire crews after a roof collapsed on a man, according to Grogan. The man was working with a crew employed to some unpermitted structures. The man was on a ladder under a roof. Though the trusses were attached to a winch so they could be lowered, the trusses fell suddenly when cut. The man fell off the ladder and was pinned under the trusses for almost a minute before others freed him.

The man was able to walk after he was freed, but had bumped his head and was life-flighted for further treatment of his injuries.

Ranch titans, civil dispute: 2:08 p.m. Sunday, June 4, Star Creek Road

On Sunday, a civil dispute between personnel of the Star Yak Ranch and the adjacent Hat Six Ranch east of Casper resulted in minor property damage and a citation for careless driving, according to Grogan. Grogan told Oil City News that a stakeholder in one ranch approached the employee of the other while the employee was on a four-wheeler parked at the gate entrance. The Jeep-driver reported that some of his horses had been returned with superficial wounds after the horses had been on the adjacent ranch.

Grogan said the Jeep owner reversed their vehicle while attempting to leave the verbal argument and struck the four-wheeler, breaking several plastic pieces off of the latter. The Jeep driver was cited, Grogan said.

Apartment Fire: Wednesday, June 7, 300 block of North Center Street

A 64-year-old man arrested on an arson charge after a fire at his apartment was not charged with the crime on Thursday. Fire crews arrived around 1 p.m. Wednesday after the man appeared at the nearby courthouse to alert law enforcement to the fire. Crews contained the fire to the bedroom and there was little damage to the rest of the apartment. The man heard a sole charge of use of controlled substance on Thursday afternoon and pleaded not guilty.

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