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Bruno Tonioli swears again after Ant and Dec’s apology

May 29, 2023May 29, 2023

Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly apologised to Britain's Got Talent viewers after Bruno Tonioli swore live on the show

Britain's Got Talent viewers have suggested Bruno Tonioli may not return to the show next year after repeatedly swearing during the live semi-final. Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly opened the show on Wednesday with an apology after Bruno Tonioli's use of swear words on the previous night. After introducing the judges, Ant said: "Now before we carry on we have to say sorry if you heard a bit of choice language on the show last night. There will be none of that this evening", before pointing directly at Bruno Tonioli.

The crowds booed whilst a shame-faced Bruno looked apologetic and covered his mouth with his hands. During Tuesday evening's semi final Bruno was heard saying "f***ing hell Simon, not again" after being asked to take part in an onstage performance.



Sword swallower, Andrew Stanton, had requested that all four judges climb into a jeep which he would then pull using tow-ropes which were attached to his eye sockets. Bruno reluctantly clambered into the jeep before shocking viewers by muttering profanities into his microphone.

Despite looking ashamed after the formal apology it was not long before Bruno cracked under pressure and swore again. Magician Miki Dark ordered Amanda Holden and Bruno to join him on stage to assist him with his act. Bruno was reluctant as in Miki Dark's original audition he set fire to a box with Simon Cowell's head in it. Miki Dark led Amanda to the stage where a giant guillotine loomed and forced her to hold the rope which controlled when the blade would fall.

He removed Bruno's bejewelled black jacket and dragged him over to the guillotine, before placing his head beneath the slicer. The terrifying performance proved too much for Bruno as he appeared to let his potty mouth get the best of him once more as the illusionist brought him towards the guillotine.

Miki Dark presented a note that said ‘Do Not Drop’ to a terrified Amanda who was sporting a glamorous silver and black leopard print mini dress. He nudged her with his elbow which forced her to drop the rope and the blade zoomed to the base appearing to sever Bruno's head from his body. The dramatic stunt delighted the audience but thankfully, Bruno remained unharmed. Once safely returned to the panel he apologised for his slip up.



He confessed: "Guys, first let me apologise personally. I was so into what happened yesterday, and what do I do? I did it again and I am so sorry. I promise you I will never do it again."

Fans of the show were quick to comment on Twitter with one tweeting: "Can't see Bruno coming back to BGT next year, far too sweary."