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Boating safety

May 11, 2023May 11, 2023

Posted by Frank Taylor | May 26, 2023 | The Careful Captain

Jet Ski, Sea-Doo or WaveRunner. They are all personal watercraft (PWCs) and they are a lot of fun. I know because I own one. However, just like any other boat, they can also be dangerous if not treated with respect and used in the proper manner. It seems like over the past couple of years, the number of PWCs on the lake has grown tremendously. Unfortunately, this can also bring about an increased number of accidents. If you own a PWC or you are thinking about getting one, here are some things to keep in mind.

Taking the time to prepare for a safe ride can make the difference between a great day on the water and a day cut short by setbacks.


Wear a Life Jacket Sniff Test Know Your Skill Level Know Your Machine Ride Smart Practice Getting on Your PWC Watch Your Lines Safety Equipment Ride in Numbers