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Bazaart App Can Now Remove Backgrounds From Video Clips

Sep 29, 2023Sep 29, 2023

Bazaart, one of the biggest competitors to apps like Picsart, has announced a new video background removal feature that runs locally on users’ devices.

An Israeli company, Bazaart was founded in 2012 and serves 1.4 monthly active users who have created over 600 million designs. The company says the tool uses an "advanced" artificial intelligence (AI) model and claims the result is one of the industry's highest quality background removal features.

The tool appears to rival the capabilities of what is available on desktop computers — at least those that run quickly and without major skilled input from the user — but runs on smartphones. Bazaart says its AI tool swiftly removes the background from any video, leaving the subject in clear focus.

"Unlike competitor solutions that only remove background from people, Bazaart's tool works seamlessly with any object class, offering unparalleled flexibility. The innovation continues as users can then replace the background with any image or video, providing endless possibilities for unique and eye-catching content. This cutting-edge feature eradicates the need for complex shooting techniques and expensive editing tools, providing superior quality and streamlining the creative process like never before," the company claims.

In the example below, provided by Bazaart, its tool can be seen removing a somewhat complicated background with surprising accuracy for a simple solution. It even manages to handle complex hair detail admirably.

It's not perfect, of course. There are still slight outlines of the background visible around a subject, but it's likely more than enough for social media use like on TikTok or Instagram, where speakers often cut themselves out to appear next to examples as they talk.

Last year, Bazaart was more known as a photo and graphic design app, but in 2022 the platform added video editing support to keep its offering in line with the fast-growing and extremely competitive app-based editing market. Earlier this year, the company added a new AI background feature for still photos. This new video background removal feature appears to combine what the company had learned from both those endeavors into a wholly new tool.

The feature is launching on iOS first but will be available on Android devices "shortly."

Image credits: Bazaart

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