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20 Kids' Bathrooms Even Adults Would Adore

Nov 03, 2023Nov 03, 2023

Designing a kids' bathroom is all about fun and creativity. To assemble a look that's both playful and chic, top designers rely on everything from graphic patterns to lively hues. Click through for 20 personality-packed bathrooms that would be a hit with any kid.

From a marble tub and botanical-inspired wallpaper to shower tiles in a calming blue, this kids' bathroom by Cynthia Collins is full of style.

Designer Leslie Jenkins elevated this kids' bathroom with blue penny floor tiles, along with white shiplap walls for a farmhouse-inspired look. Her favorite tips for designing a bathroom for a child? "Keep the hard surfaces more neutral and put the color and pattern into the wallpaper or accessories than can be swapped out in the future," Jenkins says.

This airy children's bathroom by Amy Morris features floor-to-ceiling marble, a scalloped light fixture, and a yellow pocket door for visual appeal.

Interior designer Kevin Dumas let a wallpaper with brightly colored cars steal the show in this bathroom. "I love this paper—it makes me smile," says Dumas. "Find something that you love and build the room around it."

Interior designer Kerri Rosenthal relied on a classic black and white palette, including leaf patterned wallpaper, to pull off this kids' bathroom design scheme.

Marie Flanigan relied on timeless hues and finishes for this teenage girl's bathroom. "I love incorporating encaustic tile in children's bathrooms that use fun patterns and colors paired with timeless solids on other surfaces," Flanigan says. "Their matte-finish and bold use of pattern create an artist statement that can be appreciated at all ages."

"Playing with color is especially fun when it comes to kids bathrooms," says interior designer Cynthia Collins. Here, white pairs with pops of blue, including patterned wallpaper by Lindsay Cowles, for a stylish effect.

For this bathroom, Anne Hepfer opted for a vanity and sink with matching marble tops along with pink wallpaper boasting a subtle pattern.

This kids' bathroom by Amy Morris is proof that black and white—and stripes—will never go out of style.

In this cozy bathroom by Dekar Design, patterned floor tiles add a modern touch to the white details in the space.

Crisp whites pair well with a blue wall covering and penny floor tiles in this design by Leslie Jenkins.

Designer Kerri Rosenthal went bold in this kids' bathroom, choosing to incorporate a neon green wallpaper. The reason for her decision? "Wallpaper is actually easier to wipe down than painted walls," she says.

"For children who are sharing a bathroom, consider a double user sink for tight spaces," says Marie Flanigan in reference to this black and white kids' bathroom. "Exposed cast iron sinks can be a beautiful option. You can even paint the underside any color you wish–creating an easy update solution as the child grows."

Leslie Jenkins adhered to a powder blue palette with touches of pink for this chic yet youthful bathroom design.

A kids' bathroom by Kerri Rosenthal benefits from striking wall art and statement blue tiles.

Bright blue flooring serves as a focal point in this white bathroom design scheme by Leslie Jenkins.

New York-based designer Carolyn Pressly used rich yellow tiles and a complementary vanity to enhance this kids' bathroom.

Along with sophisticated gray tiles, Cynthia Collins added energetic green and blue accents in this Instagram-worthy bathroom design.

Leave it to designer Lily Bunn to craft a refined Upper East Side bathroom that's still suitable for a child. Here, a blue vanity add contrasts to a shower curtain and flooring in black and white.

For the children's bathroom in her Manhattan townhouse, jewelry designer Temple St. Clair Carr boosted its style factor with fiery orange walls.

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