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Ariana Grande Playing In The Snow With An Iced Coffee In Hand Is A Winter MOOD

Apr 27, 2023Apr 27, 2023

By now, you've surely heard about the new Cloud Macchiato drink, by way of Starbucks or Ariana Grande. The drink is delicious, and honestly, it makes perfect sense that Ariana is promoting it (she referred to herself as a Starbucks Ambassador on Twitter)—she's spotted holding Starbucks cups all the time (dating back to at least 2013) and filmed a bit with James Cordon in a Starbucks last year. A girl after our own caffeinated hearts.

Per Starbucks, the collab extends to this new drink and forthcoming store playlists (more on that below), but if I had to bet, I'd say there's more Ari-Starbucks action in the future. With that in mind, I obviously felt the need to conduct a deep dive into Ariana's longstanding love of Starbucks. Here are all the reasons we should have seen this collab coming, including a very telling Instagram from way back in September.

Way back in November 2013, Ariana walked into BBC Radio One in London, England, Starbucks in hand.

The same month, Ariana tweeted her love for Starbucks, and they responded with some kind words about her New Artist of the Year nom.

In an "Ew" skit on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy shows Ariana a photo of venti lattes (in a Starbs cup!). Her character responds: "EW. I prefer grandes." See what she did there...😏

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This entire Carpool Karaoke is amazing, but arguably the best part features Starbucks. James Corden asks Ari if it's true she asks to be carried around (short answer: no, weirdo!). They then make a pit stop at Starbs where James jokingly carries Ariana in on his back. She orders a soy latte and says "I'm going to get a grande...gets 'em every time!" Honestly, if you've ever doubted Ariana is hilarious, you must watch this video.

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The lollipop shot might be her and Pete Davidson's most memorable photo as a couple, but let's not forget the space buns and Starbucks look!

All the hype around the new Starbucks drink began on March 4, when Starbucks and Ariana both began posting cloud and coffee emojis to social media, along with the date March 5.

After the Cloud Macchiato was officially announced, Ariana posted a series of photos on Twitter of herself in a Starbucks apron alongside some adorable puppies and Starbucks baristas. She drinks her lattes with soy milk, in case you were wondering.

Along with the drink she helped promote, Starbucks told Delish that beginning next week, multiple playlists will be available in U.S. and Canada stores featuring Ariana's favorite songs—both her own and hits by other artists.

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